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Spiritual Counselling and Healing

I credit Jan to nursing me back to life quite literally. I was first referred to Jan when I was really sick and extremely unhappy in my life. I arrived completely rung out and not knowing what to do with myself and certainly did not know what to expect from her. Immediately I was met with kindness and understanding. She knew exactly what wrong and through spiritual counselling she could answer all my woes with the level of knowledge that no other counsellor had offered in the past - the higher truth. Her abilities to talk with spirit is just perfect. I have never met anyone so linked in before. Her Reiki is the best and helps to heal in such an amazing way. I went from very ill to truly life changing beliefs in myself and what I am and what I can achieve. What is truly unique is her passion and from the heart genuinely wanting to help you. I now call her my earth angel mother, she just gives the best hugs! Thank you so much Jan !!!!!!

Jo – Chineham

You are actually the most amazing person I ve ever had the pleasure to meet!
I can’t thank you enough for yesterday! Xxx

I felt a huge surge of happiness following our appointment and my sacral chakra must of very much improved because I feel more like I do belong - in comparison to not wanting to be here, not belonging here. I slept great and I’m feeling all the energy shifts and much more positivity : )) I’m completely blown away by the whole experience.  For my first appointment, I understandably expected just a straight forward consultation. But it was the most magical, beneficial 2 hours I’ve ever had! I am so glad I took up the recommendation to see you. You are the most special, warm, caring, immensely empathetic, understanding, problem solving, above and beyond lady Goddess I’ve ever met. Thank you for all my written down additional advisory’s too Jan. Honestly my gratitude can’t even be summed up enough!

Much much love to Jan
I will see you again : ))

Stacey – Sandhurst

I visited Jan for a Reiki treatment and a session of spiritual counselling as I had been suffering with a debilitating sciatica for two months previously. I could only walk for short periods of time before the agonising pain started throughout the entire length of my right leg.

During my session, Jan ascertained where the energy blockages were within my body and looked at possible causes and positive affirmations to overcome these. During my Reiki treatment, Jan intuitively used colour silks to enhance the healing treatment. This was deeply, relaxing and afterwards I felt like a 'weight' had been lifted as I felt at peace with myself.

On the following day and to my amazement, I was able to walk long distances with no pain at all! Now I am physically back to normal, with a clearer intention of where my life is heading. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan for Reiki and spiritual counselling. She is a superb, experienced practitioner with a lovely, shining personality who always puts you at ease.

Christine - Basingstoke

Psychic Develoment

When I first started working with Jan I had no spiritual connections or belief that I could see, hear or feel spirit. It is completely down to her coaching and encouragement that I am now so linked in and truly loving it.

I arrived on day one not really believing I could do that much linking in but by the end of it I had met my guardian angel and I held a piece of jewellery from the person sat next to me and was clearly able to describe everything about how why she had been given the piece even down to what it had been wrapped up in - just wow for me. So just how does she help do this? Firstly, she is so gentle and caring and comes from a real place of genuinely wanting the best for you that you just know you are safe and cared for. Which for me is so precious and helped relax me and certainly helped me believe I could do it. Secondly, she is so knowledgeable and tuned in, that whatever comes up on the day she gets it, understands it and has whatever explanation is required for you to understand it.

At all times I know she is there to help me and protect me with love and understanding. I cannot recommend her highly enough she is a true guru. It is always a real honour and pleasure to work with Jan in fact I get so excited when I'm going to see here because she truly is an Earth Angel !

Jo- Chineham

Going along to Jan's Psychic Development workshop was a wonderful journey. Jan made the group instantly relaxed and led some beautiful meditations, giving you confidence to talk about and understand what you saw and felt. I had a very deep and unexpected experience when meeting my guardian angel / spirit guide, and that feeling of inner peace stays with me even still.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who feels like they have lost their spirit over the years and wants to recapture it.

Marie - Finchampstead


Jan's massage is unlike any other that you will receive, she not only works on the physical body but you will certainly feel that you have been healed in other ways too.


I joined Jan's group for Meditation about a year ago because my other group and been discontinued. Although I meditate on my own I find it much easier and more powerful an experience to meditate with others. There is an energy which gradually develops amongst the group after several sessions with one another and this was the first benefit for me of this group. Very quickly we got to know one another and developed a rapport, and this was because Jan has an incredible gift of enabling each person of the group, however quiet or lively to feel valued and able to contribute and share in the sessions. No one is pressured -we all become involved as much or as little as we choose but with Jan's inspiring help and her continued encouragement everyone feels free to share.

The room in which we meditate has a peace and tranquillity about it so that as soon as we enter it all stress seems to float away and very quickly we settle for the meditation. Firstly, a short session on calming and breathing to prepare, followed by a guided meditation after which we sit in silence for an increasing amount of time over the weeks. At the end of the first course we were able to meditate in silence for 30mins. Something I have never been able to do before. 

By coming to these sessions, I feel I have gained tremendously, both spiritually and physically as I am now able to incorporate meditation into my daily life for as little or as long as I wish. My stress levels have reduced, and my blood pressure has come down to the extent that I have been able to dispense with one of the three pills I had before. As well as this I have made friends with a lovely group of people of differing ages and in sharing experiences of the meditation with them at the end of each session, feel that we have all grown together


Having had a healing session with Jan and can honestly say that it was the most amazing experience of complete relaxation and calm I have ever experienced. She is a person who I feel I could discuss anything with without feeling judged and in fact coming away feeling I could deal with the most difficult situations and problems. Her TLC is second to none. She is a very gifted, empathetic person and has my complete trust.

Joan - Crowthorne

Enjoy the story of cysts and stones ;) xxx

" This lady has wonderful insight and connects with you totally when having any forms of treatment from her. I was in the middle of this full body massage and Jan had tuned in as she does and sensed something not quite in balance in my body, around my liver, kidney region. At the end she advised me gently to visit my doctor and to ask the doctor to check my right side under the diaphragm which I duly did (eventually), went on holiday first, well I felt fine, but before my holiday happened I got asked again by Jan had I seen my doctor. Ok, so first day back from holidays I visit my lovely doctor, and she is lovely. She couldn't feel anything on the right side but kept an open mind, sent for blood tests and also asked for a urine test. I went back to work and by the time I had arrived my doctor is on the phone, we have found blood in your urine, don't worry I've organised a ultrasound for you, appointment will come through. A week later I receive an appointment date, weeks away, so I phone for a cancellation, can you come in on Monday, today was Friday. A week later I am back with my doctor for the results, your therapist has sort of done you a favour or not says the doctor, unfortunately you have a cyst on your liver and a fairly big gall stone in your gall bladder..... We don't think it's serious, but we are sending you for further scans with the consultant so don't worry.

I want to know she says how did your therapist know there was something there, you can't feel these things, see them on scans yes but not feel them, she needs to change her vocation and become a doctor, we could do with this in today's world. The doctor smiled a big smile when I said it's  because Jan works with the spirits and they guide her to where she needs to work for that person she has in front of her.

Later that day, I can feel the energies of the spirits working on my problems with the cysts and stones, I am also reassured by Jan as she has received the message from the spirits that I will be ok, and do you know, I know I will be :)

Jan works in knowing ways because she is guided by the spirits and if you are prepared to receive you will truly receive beautiful gifts that you deserve.

"Be good to yourself" come and visit a truly magical lady
And here is number 2 that
Was the first healing ;)

I had booked a healing session with Jan as I was feeling out of sorts with my body. I had been to the doctor and was waiting for an ultrasound on my ovaries as the doctor and I suspected an ovarian cyst was forming.  I had been suffering Ovarian cysts since I first fell pregnant with my first child. Not just one cyst they were classed as "polycystic ovaries" not the syndrome just cysts that developed whilst being pregnant. These were treated through the normal conventional approach surgery, I was only 5 weeks pregnant, but I kept the baby. 5 years later and on my second pregnancy same thing happened, this time no surgery, the cysts just burst so you can imagine the pain and discomfort throughout both pregnancies, the tiredness, the swelling, difficult to walk etc. so 26 years later and still suffering with ovarian cysts, they came and went, and time went by.

I am in Jan's healing room, relaxing on her beautiful comfy couch and totally relaxed she starts to perform her healing. The fun starts as I am totally tuned in with her, she is working on my right side near to the ovaries area, this is where she is told to go. I can feel the energies/spirits working on me as I am in pure mediation and relaxation, no pain, no fear just a beautiful feeling of being nurtured and being taken care of. Jan is now drawing out of me this energy that looks and feels like a mushroom/toadstool, filled with liquid, this is the vision I and Jan had which we discovered at the end of the session when we talked about the experience we had both been through in the healing session.

I had not told Jan that I was due to have another scan the following week as a cyst was playing me up and the doctor had organised another scan. I went to the 2nd scan to be told that they could not find a cyst, it must of burst. I walked out with a smile on my face knowing it was the healing with Jan that had removed the cyst. I saw it leave my body.

A truly amazing experience with a natural healer, she is constantly guided by her guides where energy is channelled through her to help those that truly want to be healed. A beautiful lady with the most beautiful skills that the Divine has given her to enable healing, love and light to all those that seek it.

"Be good to yourself" come and treat yourself to what you deserve


I must start by saying how pleased I am to see Jan on the internet. I'm pleased because this gives people the world over the opportunity to see that in fact, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (which isn't as long as it first appears!) regardless of what our general practitioners may say and there is even a golden escalator in the tunnel to lead us to it, personified as the wonderful Jan Reid.

My girlfriend Laura and I made the journey to see Jan for her renowned healing abilities, Laura for back problems that have tormented her for, at least as long as I have known her and myself, predominantly for my recent run-in with eczema but also for reasons, at the time, I wasn't even aware of. We were given this opportunity to sample the 'Reid experience' as a gift from my parents, for which we are both very grateful. Neither of us knew what to expect as we have never received spiritual healing of any kind before, but as soon as we arrived at Jan's, we knew this was going to be an experience we would never forget.

Upon entering Jan's place I immediately felt at ease, as if I'd walked straight into the embrace of one of those, for want of a better analogy, big furry 'hugs' you may have seen on the cup-a-soup 'Hug in a mug' ads on TV, but without the soup, mug or even the hug itself. It was a truly phenomenal feeling, tension that I didn't even know was there had already began to subside, I was comfortable and Jan made us feel at home with her welcoming hospitality.

After Jan had provided us with drinks and something to nibble on, she began to explain what she does and how it works, simply to give us a better understanding of what it's all about. Then Laura and I were consulted separately so Jan could focus her attention and healing abilities towards catering for our individual needs. To cut what is fast becoming a long story, not a lot, but at least a bit shorter, Jan gave us healing in the form of Reiki.

Reiki administered through Jan is an overwhelmingly peaceful, calming, relaxing and liberating experience. With extraordinary ease Jan had me in a semi conscious meditative state of mind in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. I was so at peace and relaxed that my muscles turned to jelly and the compact (hard) and cancellous (kind of spongy, not as hard as the compact but still quite rigid) parts of my bones had disappeared to leave me with just the soft marrow beneath as a 'main-frame', obviously I don't mean this in the literal sense as that would be ridiculous, what I'm trying to say is, it felt like you could have slumped me over a branch like a clock in a Salvador Dali painting!!

Speaking of Dali, I was particularly most impressed with the somewhat surreal aspects of Jan's healing process. For example, somehow, whilst 'channelling' the healing, at one point it felt like Jan was using... (now, this is a little unbelievable I know, but, believe it or not, it's still true!) ...no less than seven hands!!! This feeling was so real to me that I wouldn't have been surprised to have opened my eyes to be greeted by Jan... and friends! It's also worth knowing that whilst healing, Jan combines several of her abilities together if necessary to provide you with the best possible service she can.

In my case, Jan utilised her skills in Spiritual Counselling, Reiki, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. Once you've had the 'Reid experience' I'm sure you'll agree this combining of skills is obviously a powerful tool for a Healer. Since my Reiki treatment and the 'Reid experience' every aspect of my life has been affected and taken a turn for the better, I no longer feel tied to old negative emotions such as regret, depression and worthlessness (to name but a few) and instead have managed to let go of the past, live in the present and look to the future with a new found optimism. I feel totally liberated and truly happy. If you haven't by now already gathered, I highly recommend Jan's services to anyone and everyone, even if you don't have a particular ailment, just go for the experience and learn how to truly "be good to yourselves"!!! Sorry it's a bit long Jan, you may need to trim it down here and there. lol Oh well, better to have too much than not enough eh?

I Hope you are well and still looking after yourself as much as you look after everyone else? Take care and hope to speak to you again soon.

I had been suffering from back pain for nearly two years, I had gone to see osteopaths and physiotherapists, but the problem seemed to just stay with me. I was told about the healing of Reiki and being an open-minded person I was given a wonderful Christmas present of going to see Jan Reid. When I arrived to Jan's house, it was so warm and inviting that it put any worries or nerves at ease. Jan gave me a fascinating talk for about an hour talking about how the problem could of been caused and how we have to 'be good to ourselves' before we can be good to other people. She then performed Reiki on my body working on all the Chakra's, it was such an amazing feeling, to be totally relaxed and to have this amazing warm and sometimes even hot sensation running through my body. When Jan put her hands on one part of my body and then took them away it was as if there were hands still on me, protecting and healing me. After the session, we talked about the experience that I went through and what Jan picked up through going over my Chakra's. It was an amazing experience. I would like to go back and see Jan as she has helped me become a better person, to be good to myself and has taught me that I am responsible for who I am. I learnt more from Jan in one session than I have in my whole live so far. I would recommend Jan to everyone I know she is a fantastic lady and will put you on the right path to a better life. My back is so much better now, I don't have any strong pains anymore and although the pains didn't go over night, I definitely felt a huge release of tension straight after the healing.


To book an appointment call Jan on 0776 993 6500