Jan Reid Holistic Practitioner

Spiritual Counselling

Are you feeling depressed?
Are you constantly unhappy?
Do you have problems with your relationship?
Is there no joy in your life?
Are you unable to cope in a crisis?
Do you feel worn out and exhausted by life?
Can't get pregnant?

After I had treated a client with a session of Healing, she sat on my couch and poured her heart out, ridding herself of a lot of emotional baggage which she had held in her body for many years, which was creating dis-ease. I sat and listened and at certain times was prompted by my intuition to ask her to go into a little more in depth about the issue she was talking about at the time.

I have realised since that particular session that it is more beneficial to reverse the procedure: to allow the client to talk away and give a session of healing at the end. Once the emotional blockage has been released it leaves a void in the body and the healing fills that void and acts like sticking a plaster over the wound.

I advise the client to look at having four to five sessions when they first contact me because one never knows the severity of the block. This does not mean they have to have all five. Sometimes one, two, three or four are sufficient; it all depends on the individual.

When we fail to express how we really feel it can scar us and cause disturbance. Burying emotion rather than expressing it creates pain. Allowing ourselves to release emotions which have been suppressed/pushed down into the body creates dis-ease and later may become disease. Releasing these emotions assists us to heal our minds and bodies, giving us a freer/richer lifestyle.

As a healer I am a flex and through me the universal energy flows into the recipient who heals him or herself.

Feedback from clients describes the feeling while receiving healing as one of peacefulness, calm, tranquillity and an all-encompassing feeling of wellbeing. In this condition the mind and body are de-stressed and the body heals.

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