Jan Reid Holistic Practitioner

Mediumship & Clairvoyance

A Medium is a highly sensitised individual whose heightened sense of awareness can be used to form a link between the dead and the living.

The spirits of the departed communicate with friends and loved ones still in the physical world through the medium, who is used as a channel to gives messages by referring to past events known only by the client, bringing love and reassurance.

A medium is a natural psychic and the meaning of psychic is sensitivity to influences of the energy, which can be in a place or of a person - rather likened to radio waves.

Clairvoyance translated means clear seeing, perception in the mind-giving telepathic impulses which create vivid mental imagery from the sender.

A Clairvoyant can also be Clairaudient, which means they can hear the voices of the spirits and Clairsentience which means they feel the messages in their own body. This can give the client messages about future events.

Another term you may hear is Psychometry and this is where the medium/clairvoyant/psychic has an ability to receive messages through energy/vibration from an item belonging to the client, i.e. a ring/brooch/watch.

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