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About Jan

How a hearing problem led Jan on a very exciting journey!

Jan Reid Portrait
Jan Reid (MNFSH / MISM)

Unable to hear well since her early years, in 1988 Jan met a chap at the place she was working who asked her why she was looking so glum! She explained that she had recently had an operation on her ears which had not worked and that even with hearing aids was finding it difficult to hear and this is turn was causing some depression. He asked her if he could give her 'healing'. She was a little reticent as she wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘healing’ and when he said ‘Well I put my hands on you…’ Jan was even more suspicious! Then he explained (see Healing page) which put her mind at rest and agreed to receive this treatment which he gave her every day for a month.

After the first session Jan underwent what we call a healing crisis. A healing crisis is a term used by complementary health practitioners referring to someone having adverse effects after receiving energy healing, this is a temporary reaction caused by the body detoxing, allowing the body to cleanse. Jan’s healing crisis symptoms included pain in her neck, shoulders and upper back and it only lasted for a couple of days.

Looking back, now as a healer herself, Jan understands the emotions she was holding in her body from childhood were stuck in her throat. With the Spiritual Healer’s help she was able to start the process of 'letting go' and the chakra in that area was able to work fully, open the floodgate for her energy to flow and in turn, on a physical level, the perforation in her right ear healed very quickly enabling her to hear without aids.

However the perforation never did heal in the left ear and this is where Jan hears spirit giving her the ability to work Clairaudiently. Jan was converted and wanted to learn about this...

Jan's thirst for knowledge led her through the study of Anatomy and Physiology and gained certification with ITEC in Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage and later learnt the techniques of Tsuboki Japanese face/foot/hand massage.

To book an appointment call Jan on 0776 993 6500