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Clients' Experience

I first met Jan the day before my Reiki Level 1 atunement, when I had a Reiki treatment. The books I had read recommended doing this to experience Reiki for myself, and also to check out the teacher, and see what they were like.

I did not really know what to expect, as I had not found Jan through personal recommendation. However, I did not need to worry. She put me at my ease immediately and was professional, caring and sensitive in her treatment.

I attended my Level 1 course the next day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the atunement an amazing experience. Since then, I have used Reiki nearly everyday for myself and the members of my family. I have also had some remarkable results. My daughter's chilblains disappeared overnight, my own bad back does not seem to hurt me so much, and for some reason (which I believe may be to do with balancing the chakras) I seem to have lost a little weight without really trying. During the whole period, Jan has been supportive and receptive to hearing about my successes.

I am planning to do my level 2 in a couple of month's time, and I am really looking forward to it.

Carolyn - Crowthorne, Berkshire 24.3.05

I must start by saying how pleased I am to see Jan on the internet. I'm pleased because this gives people the world over the opportunity to see that in fact, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (which isn't as long as it first appears!) regardless of what our general practitioners may say and there is even a golden escalator in the tunnel to lead us to it, personified as the wonderful Jan Reid.

My girlfriend Laura and I made the journey to see Jan for her renowned healing abilities, Laura for back problems that have tormented her for, at least as long as I have known her and myself, predominantly for my recent run-in with eczema but also for reasons, at the time, I wasn't even aware of. We were given this opportunity to sample the 'Reid experience' as a gift from my parents, for which we are both very grateful. Neither of us knew what to expect as we have never received spiritual healing of any kind before, but as soon as we arrived at Jan's, we knew this was going to be an experience we would never forget.

Upon entering Jan's place I immediately felt at ease, as if I'd walked straight into the embrace of one of those, for want of a better analogy, big furry 'hugs' you may have seen on the cup-a-soup 'Hug in a mug' ads on TV, but without the soup, mug or even the hug itself. It was a truly phenomenal feeling, tension that I didn't even know was there had already began to subside, I was comfortable and Jan made us feel at home with her welcoming hospitality.

After Jan had provided us with drinks and something to nibble on, she began to explain what she does and how it works, simply to give us a better understanding of what it's all about. Then Laura and I were consulted separately so Jan could focus her attention and healing abilities towards catering for our individual needs. To cut what is fast becoming a long story, not a lot, but at least a bit shorter, Jan gave us healing in the form of Reiki.

Reiki administered through Jan is an overwhelmingly peaceful, calming, relaxing and liberating experience. With extraordinary ease Jan had me in a semi conscious meditative state of mind in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. I was so at peace and relaxed that my muscles turned to jelly and the compact (hard) and cancellous (kind of spongy, not as hard as the compact but still quite rigid) parts of my bones had disappeared to leave me with just the soft marrow beneath as a 'main-frame', obviously I don't mean this in the literal sense as that would be ridiculous, what I'm trying to say is, it felt like you could have slumped me over a branch like a clock in a Salvador Dali painting!!

Speaking of Dali, I was particularly most impressed with the somewhat surreal aspects of Jan's healing process. For example, somehow, whilst 'channelling' the healing, at one point it felt like Jan was using... (now, this is a little unbelievable I know, but, believe it or not, it's still true!) ...no less than seven hands!!! This feeling was so real to me that I wouldn't have been surprised to have opened my eyes to be greeted by Jan... and friends! It's also worth knowing that whilst healing, Jan combines several of her abilities together if necessary to provide you with the best possible service she can.

In my case, Jan utilised her skills in Spiritual Counselling, Reiki, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. Once you've had the 'Reid experience' I'm sure you'll agree this combining of skills is obviously a powerful tool for a Healer. Since my Reiki treatment and the 'Reid experience' every aspect of my life has been affected and taken a turn for the better, I no longer feel tied to old negative emotions such as regret, depression and worthlessness (to name but a few) and instead have managed to let go of the past, live in the present and look to the future with a new found optimism. I feel totally liberated and truly happy. If you haven't by now already gathered, I highly recommend Jan's services to anyone and everyone, even if you don't have a particular ailment, just go for the experience and learn how to truly "be good to yourselves"!!! Sorry it's a bit long Jan, you may need to trim it down here and there. lol Oh well, better to have too much than not enough eh?

I Hope you are well and still looking after yourself as much as you look after everyone else? Take care and hope to speak to you again soon.

I took my Reiki I, II and III with Jan. In all cases I found her extremely professional and approachable. All course work was presented in an easy to understand manner and her post course support is on going. All in all, I would recommend her to anyone wishing to undertake the Reiki pathway.

Stephanie King - Milton Keynes

I had been suffering from back pain for nearly two years, I had gone to see osteopaths and physiotherapists, but the problem seemed to just stay with me. I was told about the healing of Reiki and being an open-minded person I was given a wonderful Christmas present of going to see Jan Reid. When I arrived to Jan's house, it was so warm and inviting that it put any worries or nerves at ease. Jan gave me a fascinating talk for about an hour talking about how the problem could of been caused and how we have to 'be good to ourselves' before we can be good to other people. She then performed Reiki on my body working on all the Chakra's, it was such an amazing feeling, to be totally relaxed and to have this amazing warm and sometimes even hot sensation running through my body. When Jan put her hands on one part of my body and then took them away it was as if there were hands still on me, protecting and healing me. After the session, we talked about the experience that I went through and what Jan picked up through going over my Chakra's. It was an amazing experience. I would like to go back and see Jan as she has helped me become a better person, to be good to myself and has taught me that I am responsible for who I am. I learnt more from Jan in one session than I have in my whole live so far. I would recommend Jan to everyone I know she is a fantastic lady and will put you on the right path to a better life. My back is so much better now, I don't have any strong pains anymore and although the pains didn't go over night, I definitely felt a huge release of tension straight after the healing.


"Jan's exchanges are a warm, friendly group where people who do Reiki at all sorts of levels can get together, talk, discuss ideas and experiences, put questions out and share healing with like-minded people. The exchanges have helped me to develop confidence in my Reiki and my healing abilities."

Laura W

I have visited Jan for a reading which was outstanding, she was able to tune into a member of my family and gave me excellent advice to follow in order to reach my desired outcome - and it worked! I also regularly attend Jan's reiki exchanges which are wonderful and an excellent place to practice. It is also a place to relax and allow new psychic and reiki experiences to develop.

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