Jan Reid Holistic Practitioner


Healing is an ancient therapy which has been used throughout history. It is used to bring a state of homeostasis to the mind, body and spirit by the laying on of hands.

Life involves change, growth and evolution and these elements contain stress and are the means by which we learn and develop. An acceptable amount of stress stimulates and heightens performance. Unhealthy stress is produced when there is little or no adjustment to these elements of life or when the demand is too great and no strategies for dealing with the stress have been developed.

Relaxation of the mind, body and spirit is one of the best ways of dealing with stress and returning the body to a state of balance.

Thoughts and emotions influence the body and persistent negative emotions produce illness in the physical. Each of us has areas of the body which hold stress more than other parts. A body which is constantly in a stressed condition and not released will result in illness.

A simple explanation of how healing works and what it is:

Everything is made up of energy and there is energy all around us.

Imagine an electric kettle full of cold water; to boil that water you need a source of energy - electricity. So we use a flex, which is plugged into the kettle and into the source (electricity) and, although we cannot see the energy (electricity), we know it is there because the kettle boils the water.

As a healer I am a flex and through me the universal energy flows into the recipient who heals him or herself.

Feedback from clients describes the feeling while receiving healing as one of peacefulness, calm, tranquillity and an all-encompassing feeling of wellbeing. In this condition the mind and body are de-stressed and the body heals.

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